Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Type 3: typeface mailer

Working through the process has been a quick, and confusing time. The freedom in this project to me is a bit confusing. (strangely.)...uh, yeah.

Here is my first draft of my typeface layout.
I've chosen the fonts: Caslon, and Frutiger. One represents a women's body, and the other represents a man's body. Through out the mailer I'll point out certain points to why I feel this way, and why they work together well.

 These are the two spreads I'm working with right now.

 The cover

 The continued back side.

 First open fold





They are all a bit confusing on this, but these were basically the spreads I was working with individually.

After Critique it was said that the inside of the fold out was more effective than the outside where all the folding happens. It minimalistic approach seemed to be less crowded and crammed in. So I need to work on eliminating some graphic elements from the other side, and definitely lowering the type size on the copy.

Also, with the beams coming out of their eyes Kidwell suggested doing something unconventional with the basic character set and have them beaming out of their eyes rather than just being static and boring.

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