Sunday, September 19, 2010

Folly poster: update

Working through this iteration has been a bit difficult. Due to the arbitrary pattern design that doesn't have THAT much to do with my band, people started to question what the textures and shapes meant. So, all the explanation that I had is that I did the exercise in being influenced by their music, and free fluid movement of it. BUT! Jamie and I discussed about how design doesn't always have to come from concept. Form can come first, and then a concept can be found in the experiment. I'm not sure why I didn't put this together at first due to our haiku project from last year, but here are some ideas I played with with cat paw prints instead of the circles. I am also going to try making music notes out of the black dots that are round and just a nice shape.

Some color iterations as well.

Here is the same composition, but instead of cat paw prints, they are the same circular shape I printed, but I replaced the circles that the texture had with music notes. I enjoy how this takes up more space rather than the paw prints, but the music notes are a very fine detail so it may be hard to notice, which could be nice too though.

detail shots:

EDIT: Now that I'm going back and taking a good look at my old iteration of this poster I'm wondering if I should have more white space within this recent iteration. And, also if I should keep on overlapping the shapes. I felt the music notes and cat paw prints got lost when I did. And now that they are very important part of the poster I'm wondering if I should keep them separate shapes or overlap.

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  1. The color palette (light blue, red, yellow, gray/black) looks good on screen - go with it.

    The placement of type is good b/c it's much more integrated with the pattern.

    Go with the notes. It communicates music and the texture of the print still alludes to the paw print without actually being it. I like the overlap (and a bit of randomness would be nice addition in your poster).

    Some minor improvements and you'll have a solid poster.

    1. Yes you need more whitespace to density ratio. You're filling nearly every bit of the poster with the pattern or type and therefore lacking contrast.

    2. The typeface choice in the previous round was better. The slab face is more sophisticated. And the bold san serif is too heavy (especially those big quotes).

    And whereas the legibility was a problem in the white on light gray, you've now resolved that issue with the gray/black on blue.

    3. Type issues: The bold 2 and 8 are distracting. All caps would resolve the awkward gaps above/below the ascenders and descenders. Left align the O in Joe with the F in Five, but keep the O in Lovano right aligned with the E in Five. Left align the 8 with something - looks like it isn't anchored to anything now.

    Now with that said I want you to take a look at these crops you posted:

    Wow! The pattern is bold. The type and cat cropping is dynamic. Imagine your poster at that scale! This could really be a break-through for you.