Sunday, September 27, 2009


Polar Bear
Panda Bear


I think ultimately I'm going to go with People and Pennies. But, I'm still thinking about more P words, I need to get away from animals and food.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orthos and Obliques

For the orthographic and oblique section of the class coming to an end, I feel pretty confident on how to approach design in a different aspect. I learned a lot. We have a book due at the end of the week with different ways to draw an Orthographic drawing, along with Obliques. Such as: Plan obliques, and elevation obliques. We also measured an entire side of the design building. It was interesting to see how to scale objects on such a small scale. Here are some of my images for the book:
Initials as an Orthographic Drawing.

Initials as an Elevation Oblique

Initials as a Plan Oblique.

This is probably my favorite one.
For my Environmental design of the Design building I'll probably fill my plan oblique with white on the facing surfaces and then place in on my drawing of the building to decorate a possible mural on the walls.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reading Responce: Transparency

While reading through the Lupton material, and learning about the different ways you can layer and use transparency within design, I started to see these techniques come out in my book that I finished for Project 1. Layers are key to any design because they give each piece a different feeling of depth. I especially enjoyed how Ryan McGinness used his layers. It gave his piece a completely different feeling. It was also very colorful, and well developed. In my book I felt that using embroidery thread helped a lot with how layering worked with each of my compositions.
The next part of the reading dealing with Transparency's was also interesting because it showed examples of using different types of transparency's. The picture with the women with the veil was interesting to me because I wouldn't have thought to consider that a transparency, due to me thinking of transparency as being a literal piece of transparency paper. It gave me some ideas to possibly use in further projects. With my exact book my transparency's I feel are definitely a part of each of my compositions, and I feel it in some way each compositions works better with my text transparency's.

Final Statement

As this project has come to an end, reflecting on the past two and half weeks really went by, fast. I feel that my book is a successful first project to the Graphic Design program. If you have read earlier posts I addressed that my book theme is about different households throughout different families. I finally came to a conclusion with my words.
I also narrowed down my compositions to fit my words, so that the viewer can further understand each different household.
This also included imagery. Which for me took quite a bit of time. I wanted to find just the right images, and after several trips to half price books, I feel I was successful in my imagery selection.

To make a book, you obviously want a cohesive piece. In order for me to make my book work well together, I brought in black and white imagery, along with color imagery on each page. Along with some stitching with embroidery thread to give it an extra look and feel.

My background imagery I feel also makes the book work well together as well. I chose a very subtle wallpaper feeling type of paper used for scrap booking.

Here are a few images of my final piece:

We also worked a lot on how to make text work and be cohesive with each page and the entire book as a whole. We got to choose from two different types and I decided to with Adobe Jenson Pro. Here's one of my more intricate ones.
Through out this entire process I learned a lot about how to communicate different ideas successfully, and I have a feeling a lot more will make sense during critique because I'll get different ideas from everyone. But, all in all, I feel that I did improve a lot on how I communicate a composition with a certain type of audience.
There are definitely some improvements though, I feel that my imagery was a good, I just wish I could have had more of certain things. Or a different idea of communicating a word through imagery would help on some of my compositions.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Book titles

So, thinking through my book titles, I figured it'd be better to go with simple. Here a few ideas:
-Household Variety/ies
-Family Variety/ies

Friday, September 11, 2009

UPDATE: I'm enjoying doing these iterations for my compositions. I'm really excited to get started with everything, but I'm definitely feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to find good imagery for all of the words that I have chosen. I don't want to be too literal, but I don't want them to be too abstract either. DIFFICULT. I'll find a way though.

Perfect drawing of Initials

Pen tool, Pen tool, Pen Tool.
Definitely an adjustment from what I'm used to with Illustrator.
But, it just makes so much more sense.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FINAL words.

9 different households in america.


Writing Response-VIS COM

After reading all the selected text for visual communications I realized that having a good foundation for vocabulary within visuals is a great starting point for anyone's compositions. It really helps the designer/artist to communicate the idea they want across to the viewers. While reading each specific reading I was intrigued to learn that there was a certain way to possibly portray "chaotic", not that there has to be a certain way or anything, but it's nice to have somewhat of a boundary, and guideline to start with. Then as we progress towards something we're interested in, such as portraying chaos a certain way, we can build on those guidelines so that it can still be successful. I also was interested in how the reading about all the photographs really opened my mind to how I can possibly work with all the different types of imagery on this current project we're working on. Such as with photomontage, I feel that this may be a great way of expressing some of my pages about the different households I'm trying to portray. This is because I feel you can exaggerate a little within boundaries.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Color Drawing and Form Update

After finishing up our critique in class I realized that I need to work on a lot withing my drawing. Especially the weight of my marks. I may have misunderstood how much pressure we were supposed to apply, but I'll definitely be making some corrections to my drawings.

(NOTE: these photos are reallllly dark, my apologies.)

Garden Variety

Researching and finding my nine words for my visual communication class has been difficult. After having my meeting with Jamie I ended up going with the idea of each page being a word describing a different household within America. As of now, I have it narrowed down to the households I want to represent, but I'm still not completely satisfied with my words.

Nine different households

D.I.N.K (Double income no kids)
Single Parent
Modern stereotypical house hold (working parents)
Bourgeois (Traditional, very 50's like)

I really want my words to represent the feeling of each household such as with my "violent" household I have coercive, and I feel like that's a good fit for this one. But with my Wealthy household I have copious, and I feel that's more of a descriptive word of wealth. My next word for DINK is either somewhere along the line of Peaceful, or selfishness, because they are obviously living for themselves.

I really think that the single parent one is an important one to portray the feeling of how it really is, either it being so chaotic and unorganized, or the other side of the situation, as being rewarding.

Showing the way of a modern stereotypical family I think wouldn't be that hard, that's why I decided to go with the word conjugal, or nuclear.
And as for the Bourgeois type of family, I think I'm going to stick with the word Bourgeois.

My next household will be impoverished and I feel that destitute is a good descriptive word for this term.
For the Gay household I wanted to anomalous.

And for the last household which is divorced I'm still having a hard time with, I wanted to find a word that showed that the children have to switch places and have two different places to be, therefore they never have a real home. I'm still brainstorming that one, but I'll definitely update when I find my FINAL FINAL words. Which hopefully will happen soon since I have already started with my dot thumbnails.

All together though, I'm excited about this project, I just want to get the words just right before I really start it. I feel that my weakness is with choosing the wrong word for each composition, which is somethink I really want to work on this time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Theme and Words for Vis. Com.

After developing ideas under the idea of domesticity I was wanting to head in the direction of collectibles and valuables, but of course that idea was changed and integrated into Men and Women in the household. I have twenty words to work off of to choose my nine words for my book.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Marian Bantjes really wants me to do a laser cut.
I'm interested, PERIOD.This is one of the pieces from the link.

I chose this piece for found in share in my vis. com. class to show certain principles that we have been learning. In this specific piece I noticed that compound shape was a very large part of this piece due to the little shapes making the larger shapes and lines, which also show continuation. Also this piece is very strong in the aspect of positive and negative space due to this being a laser cut. This is a picture of a wall in which the piece has light being shown through it.