Sunday, September 5, 2010

15 second video

My final idea: To have a handmade textile company/studio that sells their fabrics online and then their buyers can order and share on our website what they made with our fabrics.

Our audience: The DIY, women, colorful, and adventurous.

Working with motion, image, and text was exciting, but also intimidating due to the time restrictments (haha...right, restrictions!) I wanted to show color, excitement/fun, and inspiration. I started with a stop motion with a pair of scissors going around in the action or cutting to get the idea of it having to do with fabrics. Then to lead into the idea of you ordering something online, and thennnnnn sharing what you do with the fabric you buy. Although, my message wasn't exactly clear. I spent to long on the stop motion piece, and made the last part an after thought.

Throughout this process, I figured that I need to really develop a name, and a message to send out there. Also, an interface since what I'm doing is really reliant on the internet...something that won't take too long, and too much thought just because I need it now.

Some comments that were made were that I should show the product that was made with the customer, also show my message a little better. The audience is pretty clear due to color and music.

15 sec experiment from Taylor Pruitt on Vimeo.

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