Sunday, September 5, 2010

Working through it. Slowly.

I'm not sure what's going on here. I've banged my brain to try and find solutions to having rhetoric and my images having a connection, and for some reason nothing worth while as come up. We started out having the matrix of our ten concepts, and the ten tropes to try and see where each could fit in. I could definitely come up with some silly ideas, but nothing completely usable. There were a few good ideas/concepts that I did come up with, so Jamie says, such as: The cat in the hat, Soft and hard, Fluid, And Smoky. So I further developed ideas. Or, I should say, I tried to further explore ideas in those categories, but of course, my excuse again is that nothing came up. So here I am again, brainstorming for some new, fresh ideas that I can fall in love with, and be excited about finally.

Some ideas that I have now that I'm going to try and really bang out a new matrix are: The Cat in the Hat, rather than having them separated. Urban environment, such as Taxi's and lights, because I always associate downtown with Jazz, so there fore I felt that having a taxi in there somewhere would be useful. Also, having it possibly being an old fashioned taxi would reference his history, and where his influences may have come from. The last main idea I was going to work off of was Layers, due them having two drummers, I thought it was imperative that I comment on how they enjoy showing that off and showing the layering of the music. Also, Geometric shapes and bold colors I though could help the aesthetic for the right decision, if it fits.

here is the album cover, I've been recently looking at it, and listening to them a lot to see where they want their image to fit in.

They obviously enjoy the idea of jazz being the folk art of America, which is based off an idea that was developed in history.

Also the free hand drawing comments on the fluidity of the music with the extra texture. Very textural, like their music.


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  1. Taylor, this comment may seem late in coming but I want to point out something on process, so you can hopefully better understand it moving forward on future projects.

    From your post (and work at this phase) I sensed a frustration and expectation that you felt you should have had better results from the first round of matrix.

    Rather, the matrix is simply a working methodology. It does not guarantee you'll unearth spot on concepts for every possible variable. You use the matrix as a defined structure to help you quickly and laterally work through many unexpected ideas. Many of which may be dead ends, but some of which are seeds of a good idea that you can further explore.

    Also, when you struggle with a new concept (such as rhetoric) I encourage you to spend some extra time with me out of class until you get it. I want you to move forward in the department with confidence in your thinking and form making abilities. I am always available to repeat or re-frame the content for you in other ways.