Tuesday, September 7, 2010

folk art

Developing ideas for this project has been a struggle. So, I basically wanted to start over with thinking of ideas that involve rhetoric and my band. I looked at their album cover, and thought about why they decided to call it, "Folk Art". I then went and sketched ideas about how I could convey a jazzy folk art. so I came up with the idea of having a tree, and all of their instruments randomly placed within it. Then, thought of different iterations I could show this.

Rhetoric tropes would be metonymy due to the tree standing for their roots in jazz, and how they come together to play their own unique music. Also, the tree is a metaphor for folk art.

For this idea the rhetorical tropes are pun, and again metaphor due to the tree. The reason for the pun is that the notes are in place of the leaves. ( There would obviously be more for the effect of actual leaves).
Instead of the tree with no leaves I thought I could emphasize the idea of hyperbole and the importance of the instruments within the tree shape. Making the "I" out of the truck would also be a visual pun.
This is basically a closer crop of the first idea to show off the instruments a bit more and to still have the idea of the tree as being a metaphor for folk art, and also their roots in jazz music.

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  1. My question to you is, is "folk art", too limiting? Is it just one album? Will they be playing songs not on the Folk Art record that night? Can you broaden it a bit? Can this tree represent the breadth of their work? I think it can if you are conscious of it. And where's that cat?

    I'd say this is more allegory than metonym.