Friday, September 24, 2010

NA: Project 4

Working through this time with a different communication channel I decided to use text, rather than using audio/music/sound effects. I thought since I hadn't touched enough on the history of my brand in my poster I should revisit it. So, my goal to achieve in this project was to make a time line basing information about different subjects that could possibly relate to my brand identity.

By splitting up three main subjects to focus on I decided to have three different time lines streaming in and out of one another to show visual appeal, but also a different look on the time line. My three different subjects were: Handmade, social craft, and networking. Within the handmade time line I focused on when ways of making textiles came about. Although this one was problematic, Tyler pointed out that why is it called, "handmade" when it all about screen printing. GOOD POINT, and takin'. But, while making this, I felt that putting screen printing on my backdrop would elude to a different idea about what I'm researching. I could be wrong. I also should have added more information if I am going to use the general term, "handmade" to the time line, I think that could have helped it. Within the second category/subject I used social craft and concentrated on when doing craft with a group of people came along. So, my main focus was knitting circles, and quilting bees due to their history.
My third subject was networking, due to how imperative it is to my company. The internet these days is how most people shop, so I wanted to focus on how networking could and has helped the industry.

In critique Tyler mentioned that my type in the background read as a image and not type, and I'm not exactly sure if that was a bad or good thing, or if it was meant to be anything at all...I meant to say something after class, but it slipped my mind. BUT, my reasoning for intertwining them and having them translucent was to show how they can all intersect each other and work as one.

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