Wednesday, January 27, 2010

V+C | How to think

Ed Boydon makes a lot of good points throughout his blog post. I specifically enjoyed the idea about writing and drawing while having a conversation with someone. It seems to be a fun, and simple idea to do to remember what was said, and how many people one person can really talk to. I'm sure it also shows evolution on certain ideas talked about and possibly questions being answered two years later. Which relates back to not always having the answer once a question is asked. One of the other good points that Boydon makes is making mistakes quickly. I'm not sure if I completely understand this point, but from what I get is that you should work fluidly without thought, and then edit yourself as soon as possible to knock the bad ideas out so you can get to work on the good ideas. With this I feel that it relates to the project we're doing now because of how quick we chose our topic/story for our project. We edited the bad ideas out as soon as possible so we wouldn't think about it anymore.

V+C Story Ideas

Story one idea:

A Problematic Picnic:

-Picnic blanket
-Picnic basket
-Picnic food i.e. sandwiches, fruit, fried chicken, wine, bottled water, etc..SPOILED
-Summer Dress
-Baseball Hat
-Plates, utensils, and napkins
-Broken Cookies
-Dog poop

Story two idea:

Across the Country:

-Station Wagon
-T-shirt and shorts
-Radio/ipod/tape player/head phones
-Gas Dank gage
-Cooler/food/cold drinks
-Atlas/ Map
-Skyscrapers (east coast)
-flat tire
-up/down window button
-Sunflower seeds
-Coffee mug
-rear view mirror
-Palm tree (west coast)
- Corn or cows (midwest)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new arrival

Here we are again, and it feels like that 6 weeks did not exist at all. Oh, well. Back to work.

Starting off in type we're putting together a poster for the "Change one thing" competition for AIGA. Sounds interesting, but intimidating. For now, I have some broad ideas about what situation or idea I'd like to change one thing in.

1.) Over consumption, or just basically the idea about how everything is "made in China"
2.) Animal Abuse, specifically focusing on puppy mills.
3.) The cost of higher education in America, and how private loans build and build.

Still brainstorming, and wondering about what other issues that possibly may be more light-hearted to think about, and possibly not a social issue.
-----The new class that us wonderful sophomores are taking is an image class, focusing on digital photography, and the first assignment consists of semiotics and translating them for our own self, and personality within on project. ICON, INDEX, and SYMBOL...these are all things that we have to find images of ourselves within.