Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NA project three, Detail Narrative

Screen printing with one channel from Taylor Pruitt on Vimeo.

Throughout this process in applying one communication channel to my detail narrative I learned how to manipulate time, and with maniupulating time, I learned how to be able to focus on certain aspects of a narrative. For my communication channel I chose image, and by this I learned that I had to make the image a good quality and interesting one. Either by angle, color, or motion. Throughout this I really focused on having a lot of detail shots to get the entire idea within the frame so that the viewer could understand what my project was all about.

The way I used narrative throughout this video was to show the process of screen printing, and by this I used time to show certain points off with most of the time having the speed of the video sped up, but with some key elements slowed down so that they could remember what I was doing. Editing the footage had a large part to do with what I know about narrative and how I could tell a story. Cutting down a seven minute video to 40 seconds was also challenging, but watching through the process I figured that a lot of it was useless, because it was very repetitive, and I didn't want it to get boring. As in the idea of a narrative there is a beginning, middle and end...not a beginning and thirty middles, then an end. Therefore that helped a lot when I thought about the video and it's own narrative.


  1. I can tell that you really considered the manipulation of time to be a very important aspect of screen printing and enjoyed the ability to slow and speed time.

    I enjoyed the moments where the time was reversed into "slow-motion." However, I felt that these times were arbitrary related to your technique. It might have been more accurate (and still cool) to have those times happen less frequently and at more influential phases of the process.

    Good job on the different camera angles and cutting of your footage. It was a wise choice to cut the repetitive process down to 40 seconds.
    If I didn't know the process of screen printing, the focus on your tools at the beginning of the video would be especially helpful.

  2. The craft of the video, first off, is very nice. It definitely shows that you took care in the crafting the medium you chose. The editing done to the footage was handled very skillfully and makes the video much more interesting to watch than a very static video with the camera sitting in one place, on like a lot of the TV shows out there to do with arts and crafts(damn martha!).

    I would also suggest to go back and question which steps you singled out to the viewer through slow-mo. However, that technique is brilliantly simple yet amazingly successful, congrats on that finding.

    The method of communication is very simple, but it's also been explored countless times before(however, what hasn't been?). That being said, it still has a feel of its own that is unique to solely it and you were able to put your mark on it. The way you went about shooting and editing it helped with all of that.

    NICE PROJECT! Very well done, and the communication is very well brought across.