Sunday, September 19, 2010

NA reading response 1

This reading was fun, and understandable, AND it kept me going, which is hard...for me at least.

BUT! I got a lot of important and insightful information out of it. I was interested in the word, "closure". Throughout the reading I didn't quite understand why they decided to use that word, maybe it is what it means. (hey, I'm making an example of closure! I think...) I thought of it as we just let things be, and don't fully investigate our questions. Which can hinder our thoughts and process but sometimes we just have to let things go and have closure because going to the moon and seeing if the world is round would be impossible for me, right now. But this all has to do with a story/narrative, an idea, and how we begin to think of something, then try and process and figure it out, then let it go.

The next part of the reading was also interesting because different types of transitions which how closure can come about...moment to moment, action to action, subject to subject, scene to scene, aspect to aspect, and the last is no sequitur, which has no relationship, a lot of random images. All of these are pretty self explanitory, but within the reading they gave comic books as an obvious reference, which they have the gutter, or the gap which lets the reader make their own assumption of what happens next in their mind, so that they become part of the story.

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