Monday, September 27, 2010

Initial Ideas for two channel narrative

Film to Print:
-Simple solution by putting final screen printed piece as a background image for time line
- having another time line with steps and images of screen printing. OR put the images along the "handmade" line.
- Interesting cropping/integration of images while text overlays with squares for legibility issues.

Print to motion:
-Edit in and out of a film documentation of the actual piece.
-Edit in and out stills of the vectored time line from the computer.
-Film printed piece in similar way of the screen-printing piece and have them integrated.


ONE: Have a separate time line for the screen printing stills for process. I would probably had more space for this line so the piece could still have some white space and be less over whelming.

TWO: FLASHY FLASH. Make a motion piece while weaving in and out of my time line and and showing the imagery of the process, edit it down to essential process parts.

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