Saturday, September 25, 2010

Final Folly Poster

The folly poster has been quite the process. Finalizing the project has been a big step in my moving forward with the project as well. On critique day it was discussed that my composition and the way of my pattern layout should be more angular and that also I need more white space so I decided to change that for the evening critique so that they could see more of a finished product.
From this :

 To this:

The judges felt that the pattern was arbitrary and that they didn't like how Us five was more dominant than Joe Lovano...
Moving forward though Jamie thought it would be good to bring in some iterations of the pattern at a different scale, because the ads I had shown her were more interesting compositions and thought that it could use a little shake up. So I ended up with this!

Honestly, I'm so indecisive about this poster because I had been working with a certain size for the entire process and so looking at something new and different is hard to judge. Also, it may be that the less information on the page is more interesting to look at when it's at full scale rather than on the screen. While the original looks more interesting at a smaller scale, but not as cool large.

For my final poster my main trope is still Personification with how I handled the cat and how Joe Lovano has a connection to it.

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