Friday, March 12, 2010

Type 2: Written Reflection

Finishing for final crit has been good. The integration of my different expressive typography has been difficult, but also rewarding. Seeing that I actually got it to work has been nice. Of course it needs some refinements, but moving on will be nice.

Working through all of these elements within this composition was difficult. Starting out with experimental type and then trying to make a set that's cohesive to be part of an add campaign was interesting. Trying to convey each word within a composition was fun, but also difficult because some are similar in content, or results. Then adding them together to make a cohesive composition as it conveyed the emotion of the word.

I felt that I did a good job on the bus by having a good and even gradation throughout the entire thing. But with the billboard was problematic, since there is only a short amount of space to convey a nice gradient and each composition that conveyed my experimental typography it was difficult to integrate them into a specific space. This definitely taught me the I need to think more about where I'll be applying my art.

For cohesiveness between each of my composititons I worked a lot with gradients and color tones. Also, I added a black bar with text in it across the entire bus and billboard. I think this definitely helps my composition as a whole system. Dealing with hierarchy is always a good exercise. I felt that all of my images were equally important, but on my bus I decided to really emphasize the storm idea, because wind, rain, and thunder all lead up to a pretty large storm. (most times). But, on my billboard I dicided to keep them pretty much equal. The rain is pretty repetitive, but it still covers the amount of space.

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