Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New info graphics

Revisions were made, and more revisions are too be made. Fixing my initial ideas were interesting, I still felt like I struggled on coming up with interesting ideas to use my icons within my graphics, but overall my final attempts are pretty simple and straight forward. Here they are!
Over all I have three main ideas moving into the digital world. One is just a mapping idea. Using the united states map to show the bad weather areas, and great picnic spots. But some good issues were addressed, such as: try showing the icons on the map, without a map. Play with scale more, and discuss why those ares are good and bad.

Another direction is time. I looked up some information about the history of now using my ideas for the translucent touch of a photo and a time line. Although, the way I use a time line needs some refinement and more interesting way of implementing into the photo.

Lastly, my comparison one is going to be about how to afford an picnic, and varying in spending costs, such as a small family, a date, or a more portable picnic for hiking, or camping. This will go over how which picnic baskets to buy and where to possibly buy them.

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