Friday, March 26, 2010

Reading: Graphic Design The New Basics

"A diagram is a graphic representation of a structure, situation, or process."

Reading through each of the examples given within this reading it has been interesting. All of the different possibilities is quite impressive, but also very over-whelming. Information graphics can be complex or simple. Being successful within each graphic though is what the challenge is. Proportion is a large part within the graphic itself. The right elements need to have the right kind of hierarchy. One of the examples that stood out to me within this reading was the last example by Kelley McIntyre. It's a diagram of a dirty apartment and little silly info about each different areas in the room. I liked this one because within my starting out approach I did a location of a picnic area and pointed out all the things one should look out for. It made me think about my view of what I'm looking at and how I can incorporate facts within the map. Also, color was another good point to address. The lists that Kelley made throughout the facts were interesting because they were simple and to the point, which is key and to the point. It's not over flooded with information, it has a good balance to the entire layout.

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