Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Experimental type update

Working on the bus ideas for our experimental type assignment has been challenging to be successful on a bus/billboard composition. I've been working with integrating all of my experiments within on composition, and I wasn't sure if it look too sloppy, due to how I chose to use hand written text, rather than computer type. here is an example of what my first attempt is like. It is obviously not done, and looks very choppy, but photoshop and I aren't as close as I wish we were. Once this project is done, we'll be real close.


I want to a get a seamless gradient between my compositional words, so I am still working on that, as well has possibly using computer type within the composition. Otherwise I'm just going to be adding my logo, and the slogan of my news station.

So, since I felt that my integrated one wasn't working as well, I decided to try out using each bus as a different word, but instead of this idea...I'm going with the integrated bust and billboard idea. 
Here are some slogan Ideas:

-Day to night
-24-hour weather
-first look
-we won't keep you in the dark
-Storm team; first coverage
- Always there; weather first
- we know first
Still thinking.....AH!

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