Thursday, March 11, 2010

Color Swatch Update

Redesigning my layout for my initial color swatches was done, and it definitely works better than have each different image and set of swatches on one piece of paper. I tried to find a way to get all three elements to work together well, but of course, things don't always work out the way you'd like. So, I decided to integrate them into one spread. Besides the misspelling of ivey, it shows each of my images I took colors from and the three tones I used.
Of course I won't be including all of these images within my final color swatch layout, I'll actually oinly be incorporating one photo with two sets of color swatches. The final colors I decided to use my icons are Dirty Rain Water, and Rotten Peach. Here are some other colors I explored along the process.
Moving into final critique I'll be showing up with a one color, two color, a three color, and a two color with optional background (which would be the picnic blanket pattern). These color iterations will all be used with my final more simple icon set; no overlay or background.

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  1. It's great you took the color palette assignment to the next level by considering the layout more and incorporating some clever copy-writing for the names of the palettes.