Monday, March 29, 2010

New Color Scheme!?

So after our last final crit in Graphic Systems, the feed back was given, and the final color scheme that I had initially chosen was seen as more of a cute, pretty type of picnic. Not disastrous at all. Thinking about this more, I really was somewhat disappointed because the colors I thought worked for my theme were what I was wanting to work with more. I don't know, I guess the retro vibe I was going for got in the way. But, I question that in some way. Why can't that be more of the focus of my icons? I know it's more about what my initial narrative is and how my icons successfully communicate it. Which is fine, and I definitely understand that. So, for that thought, Correcting my color palette and seeing where that took me was interesting. I ended up with a more dirty feeling colored icons with a little cute flare.  Although, this set works better. I think I'll definitely keep my initial color set in the mix, JUST IN never know. And, I really like them. I'm not sure how I'm going to use them, but you know...just in case.

This is my initial color scheme:

Fixed Color Scheme:

Some other possibilities I worked with was the same blue from my first set, and just replacing it with the red:
I wasn't completely sold on this, due it still had a cute/semi-friendly feel to the entire set.
It must be that blue...

And here is another iteration I was thinking about:
I'm going to implement it within my fixed color scheme as a possibly three color set.

I guess another reason I'm still considering keep the brown and blue scheme in the mix (in some way, probably not going to have much use) is that I like the idea of how friendly the colors are, but the icons themselves don't speak like it's a friendly fun picnic.
Comments are welcome =)

***Also, since our guest crit was kind of mixed up with my picnic basket, I added some more weaving lines on the basket.  they are each three dashes in three groups (That's how I decided to implement the idea of three within my icon). 

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