Thursday, March 11, 2010

Edited Icon Set

One of my major problems with my last set was my poison ivy stem. It was read more of a maple leaf, rather than a dangerous leaf that people should stay away from. So, I added in one of my ideas from an earlier iteration for my icon set. Which is the background element that I added to the leaf to add more of a dangerous feeling to the icon, such as, "BEWARE". I was skeptical at first because I was wondering how cohesive my entire set would be with one having a background element, and the rest not. Working through iterations I was stuck on one idea, and instead of dealing with each individual shape by itself I traced the entire shape as one line, which worked a lot better. Overall, I'm glad I added this element I think it's still cohesive, and reads the way I wanted it to in the beginning. Scaling issues I'm still wondering if I've mastered within these Icons. They are all so different in shape, that it has been a little odd to get all at the right size. So, here is my final icon set and some process of my poison ivy.

On this part Jamie mentioned that there are too many spikes in the background element, that it needed to be simplified a bit more. Soooooo....

So I came up with this!

And here is my final set.

Some other corrections I have made were to the birds beak. Making it look as if it had more presence within the entire icon. Another correction was done to the apple, by joining the leaf and the stem of the apple. One more correction was done to the weather. I took away the hail, and one of the lighting bolts to make it more simple, which I feel works better because there aren't any extra element on the outside of the icon. It's a solid shape, just like my other ones.

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