Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Color Swatches

Connotations of colors discussed between Bethany Edigar and I.

Connotations: Sky, Pale, Dreary, Muted, Oceanic, Stone Cold
Connotations: Fruity, Juicy, Artificial, Cooked, Warm, Fall, Traveling
Connotations: Happy, Energetic, Earthly, Fresh, Unnoticeable, Wilting
Connotations: Pretty, Graceful, Youthful, Calm, Old, Unnoticable
Connotations: Happy, Fun, Dangerous, Warm, Spicy
 Connotations: Happy, Relaxed, Playful, Tasty
 Connotations: Artificial, Muted

Connotations: Pale, quiet, muddy, fluorescent, loud, muddy, nourishment, cross, dusty

Working through all the connotations of my set, there were some in there that didn't work as well as others, but, that's to be expected. Some the connotations that were associated with my story were: Surprise

I'm working on each color set individually, rather than making a spread with all of them. I just need to figure out a system to use within each image, color swatch set, and text. Because I'm still working on adding in silly names for my color swatches. Although, I first think I will narrow down my set to which colors I'll be using. And then make the names up. I'm really liking adding color to my icons. It was fun to have an initial set from inspirational images, and using them within my palette. Here are some good ideas to go off of.

I'm really liking how the blues are interacting with the other color I pair it with. And also how the opacity level makes it's own color when overlaid. For my next set, and almost final set I'm going to explore the idea of one simple color icon. No overlay, no background image, no nothing. Also I really need to add in a picnic blanket pattern to see how it's going to interact with the icon as a background. Should be interesting! 

Final crit for color is around the corner, and I really have a lot of improvements to try and work on my initial icon set, so we'll see how this works out.

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