Friday, March 26, 2010

F + S: Informational Graphics

EDIT: When trying to talk about info graphic, it got deleted for forever. Sorry =(...

Here's a new one that I also really enjoy.

For this info graphic they are using icons to make up (most) of the seven continents. And within each of these continents they point out something that is different which most likely means that something has happened there. The reason I enjoy this is because it's simple, and even though it's in a different language I could get the general idea. If I could see the book up close I could probably have a better understanding of what those icons where. Now, I'm not so sure. People maybe?

Also, the color choices were nice. Black, red and white. I'm a fan, I can't deny it. It's very simple, not much to get confused about.

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  1. Write a statement about why you chose this - what specific formal characteristics are you drawn to, how are they employed, why are they successful?