Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Throughout reading the article about how juxtapositions were in everyday life made me really wonder where I could start to find them. It was quite interesting to see the accidents that supposedly happen within each image and ad. It in someway frustrates me, because in some aspects I feel that this was by total chance, and for me...I have to work so hard at finding certain images to go with a certain type of line study, which is difficult. Juxtapositions are obviously something that happen everywhere, and you just need to open your eyes and look for them, but understanding the concept of a juxtapositions I feel is where the trouble starts to happen. There are so many different ways to get to a successful juxtaposition, but it's all about if it works with the composition, and if it's completely readable.

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  1. There is formal juxtaposition, and conceptual juxtaposition. You can work with one or the other. But, it is most powerful when you successfully tackle both.