Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I found this image surfing the web, and I felt that this was a really great example of what most of us in class are looking for in our juxtapositions. Although, this has two different important aspects to it. First, the obvious similarity in shape, and size. But, also the different between new, and old. Which, I feel is also a great way to show a juxtaposition after looking through so many images that they explain themselves as old and new. It's interesting to see the use of a juxtaposition, rather than just the shape, and size, but also what they present and bring to the entire image.

Here is another juxtapositon that I felt was different, but also had some good qualities.

The reason I see it as being a juxtapositon is the obvious seam that lays throughout the entire image. The horizon line, along with the hot air balloon, and the boy in the river.
It's odd looking at a juxtaposition within one image, rather than pairing up two different images and making it one, so I thought both of these photographed brought a new aspect to my eye.

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