Sunday, October 18, 2009

Color Drawing and Form Update

Moving on into color, from our three dimensional letters is honestly, quite exciting. I'm sure that color for everyone is exciting. It's a completely different part of design, and definitely can make a design fail, or succeed. For our first project in color we're making a book to play along with a narrative. In this project we are again using photography, but instead of making a completely different image, I think that we get to alter, and mess with the images that we take.

Small ideas:
-A walk
-A relationship

Big Ideas:
Within this idea I'd like to something to do with the sewing process. It could be Knitting, Quilting, Sewing, or Hand stitching. The list can go on and on. The process really attracts me and it involves many different colors. Such as different fabrics, tools, machines, and environments. Or another option for this idea would using photographs that are just images of different types of fabric, yarn, thread, essential sewing supplies, with out use.

-Everyone has something that they collect, I'd like to go around and find little knicks and knacks that people have collected throughout their life. Or they could all be my collectibles from what I've collected. These would all be very coloful items of course.

-One object: different environments:
For this idea I'd like to find one specific item, knick knack, or figurine to have in every photograph, but change the environment it is in. These would vary from outside to indoors, it could be anywhere really. In a class with me. Anywhere that I see a lot of color I'd like to put that object in a photo.

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