Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Project 2: Reading Response

Figure/ Ground and Framing, are an obvious element designers try to always have within they're designs. Not only to have within their designs but to be a great way to integrate within their idea to how it is almost unnoticeable when unneeded, as what the reading said. I feel that these three elements always play a large role when I, personally, try to put together an idea. Framing and Cropping could possibly be more important than figure/ ground to me. If you have a good composition within your frame it is normally due to how it's cropped. Such as within our project we are doing in class right now, framing is one of the main elements. Especially in my book, I have a lot of tighter crops to get more of an abstract image, but still be able to tell what the object is. That is where figure/ground comes in; cropping it just enough to where you can still tell what the figure is and what the ground is.

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