Saturday, October 3, 2009

All around update.

Throughout the past two weeks I've actually accomplished a lot. I built a 6 inch 3 dimensional future T, along with come up with another idea I'm going to do for my 12 in letter T. I also got some really nice pictures while out downtown for my Vis. com. class. Juxtapositions are a difficult concept, but I feel it'll be nice when everything is done and laid out. And, finally in type class I got a good feeling for what my total theme and animation was going to be about, along with some cool new flash skills I've developed. So now for a more thorough update on Type we've been developing ideas and compositions for a certain letter we chose from the alphabet, in two different typefaces. I chose the letter P, and with that my final words were Plaid Pianos, People and Poppies, People and Pennies, and Pope and Politics. I think for imagery and the narratives sake I'm going to go with People and Poppies, and build upon the idea of how poppies are a symbol for fallen soldiers. Flash is a neat program, it seems way too complicated...but I'm interested in seeing what I could do with it. And it's definitely a skill I want to acquire while being here.

Vis. Com is going well too, I feel that when I'm looking for certain compositions to use for my juxtapositions I fall short somehow though, I need to go out and take more pictures to develop more ideas to use for my line compositions.
I have a sample of what process we're going through. It's quite interesting really. We started with plain vertical line studies about balance, progression, and randomness. Then mixed our original line studies with each other and made a combination piece. Next, we manipulated our combinated line studies on the photocopier, with a camera and projector, or on the scanner. The results of those were really nice. I'll post some images later for that.

Color Drawing Form is also going well, I fell that my T I finished for class was well constructed, but the texture from the paint, glue, and Spackle were almost impossible to get off in certain spots, so craft probably wasn't what it should have been. But, I'm looking forward for the next part in that class...we're making somewhat abstract forms of our letter we used.

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