Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project two reading assignment

After reading about lines and planes and how they make relationships within space I realized that everything can relate to this information. In our current project we are dealing with how lines can create a relationship with an actual photograph. We have to find a line composition and match it up almost perfectly so that it looks as if it's one entire image. Using the information from the
Lupton book really helped me look at my compositions in a different light. Rather than looking at my line compositions as just flat images, it helped me look at them as if they are a plane in space, and possibly they can be more than just "lines", they can become an extension of a building or a certain wall.

Here two examples of my manipulated line studies that I'm dealing with to make work with certain photos:

This was one done with a projector and camera.

And this one was done on the photocopier.

NOTE: As I work through these drawing of each of my line compostions, I am also starting to see the accidental part of this project come to play. It's quite interesting how serendipity plays a part in this entire project.

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  1. Good reading response - to select your own work as example of what you took from the reading. These lines are certainly dimensional and activating space!

    serendipity did play a strong part in this project - and remember that for future projects too!