Tuesday, October 20, 2009


During class Monday we watched a video about Paula Scher who is a designer for the firm Pentagram in New York City. She talked about how much her work is influenced by the city she lives in. She said she wanted to live somewhere she could see her work everyday. I felt that the reason she said this was that so she could see what everyone else saw. Not just in a designers' eye, or an artists' eye; just a normal everyday person walking around New York City. She likes to be in the environment that she is prospectively designing for so that she can render the correct mood for that design. She is also influenced by how large everything in New York City is. She likes to work large, and she is definitely successful at it. Her environmental designs are large and "in charge", you noticed them, no matter what. It definitely relates to what I'm working on right now, my juxtalines book. We have to create a mood/narrative with our images, and I was definitely influenced by my imagery that I used, which was images from my environment to use the appropriate type and text.

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