Monday, October 19, 2009

Fm, Fermium

From start to in progress. I started off with doing just random sketches of my letters Fm, for the element Fermium. It is to end up being a logo representing the element. I also did a lot of research learning about what the element is and what it is used for. I wanted each letter to have a on going line from one letter to an other to make the logo a cohesive graphic, so that the viewer is not looking at too many different things at one time. I feel that some are definitely more successful than others. My favorite one is probably the two capitol helvetica letters joined at the top of the F going into the top of the M. That could definitely change though.

The element Fermium is an element found only in a hydrogen bomb. Which was discovered in the 1950s, after the first hydrogen bomb explosion. Scientists discovered the element within the debris of the explosion, and they realized how dangerous it was. Fermium is a very radioactive element, it is known that small amounts have ever been produced, or isolated. It is also said that there are no known uses for this actinoid, which means it's radioactive. The process that Fermium takes is that it hits another element that is not radioactive and increases the size and weight of its nucleus but doesn't increase the number of protons. Then it starts the process of radioactive decay. Fermium is a synthetic element, which means it is too unstable to be found naturally on earth, it has to be produced and developed by certain

Atomic Number: 100
Atomic weight: 257
Melting point: 1,527 C
Discovered by: Enrico Fermi
Appearance: Unknown, probably silvery, white or metallic gray
Element Classification: Actinide
Phase: Solid

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