Thursday, October 22, 2009

CDF: Final Oppositional Pairs Book

In Color Drawing Form, we're just finishing up form. For finishing up we created a book with four different oppositional pairs with our letter forms that we built. We had to show contrasts within our book by pairing photos of our letter forms. Such as balance would be showing stability, and instability, and Space would show depth and foreshortening.

Within this book I feel that I did a good job by pairing each of my photos. I chose Balance, Movement, Proximity, and Space. Since my letter was a more of a free formed letter it was a bit harder rendering certain characteristics within a photo. I felt that balance was a bit harder to show with my T due to the unstable look of my letter. Another tough one was static, due to my letter form looking very rhythmic.

The entire process of this project was pretty interesting for me, I've never actually built something like what we've built in CDF, it was definitely a good skill to acquire.

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