Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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"The man who asked"
As I walked out of Jimmy Johns I transitioned my mind set to only see lines, lines, and lines. It's in someway how Superman can see through walls; to show an extreme comparison. As I started walking down Main towards 12th street, a man passed me and said, "what are you taking photos of?". I respond with, "lines." He had a puzzled look on his face due to the confusing aspect of taking pictures of lines. As I walked away thinking of why he had a puzzled look it occurred to me that the everyday person doesn't look at the structure of lines, or how lines basically make every single object around us.

Lines forming from one point to another can be infinite or can be choppy and start and stop just like that. They can be random, they can be progressive. It's just in the idea of how each line forms a relationship with another line. Which in my case, make a juxtaposition. Juxtapositions and lines have a lot in common. Just like lines, juxtapositions can be infinite and have the need to go on past the composition. As well random and metaphorical, while not just looking at the image, you look at the content in what is within the composition.

"Armageddon of lines"
It's interesting how well lines work. They make objects, they form details, they work as two dimensional forms, and also three dimensional forms. Lines work in so many different ways, that I feel the world would not function if lines did not exist. It's an odd thought. What if lines didn't exist? What would the world look like, and what would make a good substitute for a line? Dots? Squares? But wait, lines make a square. This isn't going very far. So, lets go with dots. Using dots instead of lines would be an interesting substitute. Volume, and depth would no long exist either, due to dots not conjoining without a line. In a broader look though, a dot is technically a circle filled in. And a circle is one line connected as an infinite form. So, I think I prove my point. Lines are essential, and the world would not exist without them.

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