Sunday, October 18, 2009


For my final accordion book, I hope to incorporate eight of my compositions as my way to show how lines can be the most important thing when it comes to what the eye sees, everyday. Here are a few shots of how my mock up looks like. The second two images are two different compositions for the book. The first is a diagonal line study that was first a combined line study that was projected on a wall. I decided to vector it due to the quality of the photo that was taken, it didn't fit well with my photo. The last image is a combined line study projected on the wall as well, but is not vectored. I felt the look added a good aesthetic feel to compliment my photo of shadows in a coffee shop.

For the writing portion of this accordion book I based my initial idea off of how the world would be a hard place to live in if lines didn't exist. Which in some aspects is completely true.

It's interesting how well lines work. They make objects, they form details, they work as two dimensional forms, and also three dimensional forms. Lines work in so many different ways, that I feel the world would not function if lines did not exist. It's an odd thought. What if lines didn't exist? What would the world look like, and what would make a good substitute for a line? Dots? Squares? Triangles? Would people be people? Would buildings really exist? Would a building even be able to close completely without one straight line? There would be no visuals to look at without lines. So, I think I prove my point. Lines are essential, and the world would not exist without them.

What if lines did not exist?

What would take their place?

Would something even take their place?





What would everything look like?

Would humans exist if lines did not?

Would buildings be buildings?

Are lines really that important?

Titles idea:
The end of lines
Ending lines
Never ending lines
Q and no A
Q and A

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