Sunday, October 31, 2010

Communication Model: Reading Response

Design is all about improvement, and within these readings you could tell that making communications with sources is a very important subject to improve as much as possible. Communication skills involve knowing and applying the codes grammar, knowing and using a broad vocabulary, knowing and applying the conventions, and adapting the use of your code to your audience. Within this list, I thought it was interesting because this embodies so many things. The source can apply to sender and receiver, because they are both having the "dialogue", so each thing that the source  initiates the receiver needs to react to. Communication skills affect our ability to analyze our own purposes and intentions. It also affect our ability to encode message which say what we intend.

"The words we put together and how we command them affect what we think about, how we think and whether we are thinking at all." This point was interesting to me, because it questions the entire system. Which is what we as designers are suppose to do. We are supposed to question systematic things. The part about the levels A, B, C I think expressed this well, by writing certain questions we may ask within redesigning this initial communication model.

Breaking the model up into pieces you get, Source/receiver, Message, and Channel.
The source can be developed into different levels that one needs to look at when trying to communicate. The Knowledge Level, which looks at the way attitudes may vary, or how one can produce or treat messages, also the kind of choices one makes with a message, and of course subject matter.
The next level is called the socio-cultural level which concentrates on the way each different social class may communicate. I.E- The word choices one makes, the purposes for communicating, the meanings they attach to certain words, their choice of receivers and the channels they use to relay that message.
The next level is the attitude source which concentrates more on how the specific person or thing is creating this message. It's all about how it's done. Such as with confidence, or attitude towards one self, the attitude towards the subject matter, and the attitude towards the receiver.

The Message is all about the code, content and the treatment of the message.
When encoding a message we must make a certain decisions about the code we will use. The content is the way you choose to arrange the structure of the message, the then the treatment is all about the journey and the medium of the message. So if you make it have a certain treatment that fits into an idea, it needs to got through the communication system/model successfully with the right treatment.

The Channel is how the message is going to go through. What source will it travel through, the internet, the phone line, the mail Etc.
What is available? How much money can be spent? What is a popular line of channel? What would be the most effective?.

I feel that in making a communication channel, there has to has to has to be a ton of research involved with how and where and whatever else to make a it successful.

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