Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Type 3: Koenig Layouts

These three images are of the layouts that were a good direction to head in last week, working with my 5 column, 4 row grid will be fun, and also nice to have some flexibility to it.

The type faces I'm working with are Caecilia, and Franklin Gothic.
I'm also wanting to add some graphic elements through the entire layouts.

Now for this week!

Notes from crit:

-Make the graphic boxes mean something, and not make them default device.
-Work with less change in column width. Try and stay within an idea, and tweak it nicely, and slightly. -Not a huge jump.
-Stay consistent!
-Overlaying text is a good idea, make legible.
-Mimic the way I use the images within my text

Due to amount of content I plan on rearranging my book to have sections of different dates, so it will have an opening page to each section of dates, then have the houses, or buildings within that section. It was nice to see and hear the lecture today, because it made me thinking about all the other things I can add to my layouts, such as graphic elements, and the idea of working with a grid not on a grid.

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