Friday, October 15, 2010

Progress: Pathos First Mock Ups

Moving forward deciding which direction and what to mock up. I tried different variations with type, and rendering methods.

For this idea I illustrated a pattern of band-aids on the actual package, while wrapping it with bubble wrap to get at the idea of protection. This will be the directions that I'm moving forward with Pathos, but I need to bring some new elements to it. I need to have a different idea of what the bubble wrap is protecting, so maybe bringing in some old ideas about what band-aids could protect. So i'll be writing a list of things that need protection, or that could get protected by bubble wrap?

Here are some different ideas and color schemes for the idea of fixing things that  kid would fix with a band-aid. The pattern in the background is supposed to show that there are assorted sizes within the package, and the shapes of what may be found in that specific box. For the teddy bear, I may bring into the idea of having bubble wrap around it.

For my last idea, Band-aids being the protector, such as a fence can protect a lot of things from getting inside that area. I like the last one best out of these because it's simple, but the band-aids aren't as detail as I'd like them to be. I felt the red was appropriate because of the idea of band-aids covering up scrapes where blood is involved.

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