Monday, November 1, 2010

Vis Lang: Communication Models

Working through some of these models I wasn't exactly what direction to go in. I for some reason need to think with imagery, due to the visuals, I become more aware of what is going on. For two of my digital "sketches" I started with finding obvious things people would use to communicate with. I thought the idea of telegrams was interesting because it's a way of communication that involves really no communication between sources directly. It's an abbreviated system to get a message across quickly.
So I found an old telegram and added labels to what the system may look like.
For my next system I can always count on my mom to hear something I didn't say on the telephone, So I interpreted a very realistic (kind of) situation that I felt could show the communication model as well.

I have some other analog sketches, but they are definitely more simplified.

After critiquing with Vi, Bethany, and Jamie in class today I realize I have some traveling to do before I can get somewhere I'd like to be. I need to simplify and think of this process as a more abstract geometric approach rather than using imagery, and very specific situations. I think starting out with the images though helped my understanding of the process, I just need to get more specific with labeling, and definitions. Take Berlo's model and use that vocabulary within the model.
I also need to think of a situation that could be used today, rather than a dial up phone, or a telegram, take a medium that is more contemporary.

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