Friday, October 8, 2010

Vis Lang Concepts, rendering methods, inspiration:

Bethany and I sat aside and discussed some of our initial ideas and methods we were interested in doing, while the other had helped while giving some other idea.

-Using photography
-An idea of using bubble wrap for protection around the box. Or photos of bubble wrap, or using the rubbing effect on bubble wrap.
-Interactive box.
   - peel the front cover off and having a message on the back, or showing the band aid
   - Take apart the box to build a house which equals protection.
- Use Reptition to really show the reinforcment.
- Stitching
- Canned package to show the old tarnish look
- Home sick?
- Write a story about being home, or a connection to band-aids in a different way.
- Bikes ?
- Pulling the band-aid off of a cut on the package (interactive)

- Woven band-aids (photography)
- Minature ambulace and photoshop on band-aids
- Word List
- Hyperbole
- Pun with red cross and ambulance
- Hand Writtin type
- Band aid written type
- Blue ribbon band-aid
- Hand-made ribbon idea
- Dam of band-aids. (holding the river of fluid back)
-"Using the placebo effect since 1920"!


- Putting an actual band- Aid on the package
- Interactive- No cute saying and just using the band-aid as a pulling idea.
- Photography
- Band-Aid framing technique
- Band-Aid text
- San-serif text
- Constructivist poster idea
- matter of fact imagery
- Covering infection

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