Sunday, October 10, 2010

Process, some idears.

 With these studies, I was seeing how a box could fold and turn into many different things for the interaction after the band-aids were used. I thought of building a house, a city scape, and boat that goes under a bridge. If I could think about imagery that goes on the inside, as well as some instructions, I think that would be helpful.

 Here I wanted to see if using the idea of thorns and band-aids in real life/size would work. There are some decent shots, but I think I need to find a little bit more of a rose bush than a rose stem growing out of the ground.
 For this, Band-Aids and cement have a real relationship, so I wanted to see what the texture would look like with the band-aid's on it. While it being the red cross symbol/shape.
The same idea goes for this. Having the actual package as a picture I think would be interesting. I, of course would redesign the package that I would photograph.

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