Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vis Lang Concepts.

Concepts for Johnson and Johnson Band-aids

-Using the United States shape to show that the band-aids are rated number one.
-Making a ribbon/winning ribbon out of band-aids
-Making words would of band-aids.
- Red Cross idea

-Making the box interactive in some way.
-"Pull", "Put a band-aid on it!"
- Connection to childhood, and Grandma's.
- Using Antithesis with Pattern
- Using Antithesis within one image.
- Being upset about being hurt.

Some suggestions to move forward.
-Think of other things that could be used for band-aids besides cuts, think deeper.
-Interaction! Look at all the way a box can fold and unfold.
- Copy-writing. Make it my own.
-Use words only when necessary. Don't overly repeat yourself.
- Try and push away from obvious while moving on with these concepts.
- Make a lot of simple descriptive words with band-aids.

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