Saturday, October 30, 2010


 Ethos (above)
Logos (Above)

The mode Ethos is the mode that is supposed to entice the audience by tying something important and note-worthy to the message. Such as in my initial sketches for Johnson and Johnson Band-aids I showed that using the idea of the red-cross, and that it being the number one band-aid in America, made this brand seem like it'd be the best, because of what is behind (backing them up) them. I also used the idea of a blue ribbon to show the idea of them being number one as well.

The mode Pathos is the mode that is suppose to entice the audience by relating to them, trying to "touch" their heart, you could say. It could be the type of mode it's trying to portray, or it could be that takes you to another place. (example: grandma's house) I first started practicing  pathos on band-aids with showing the idea of how painful it is to get hurt, and saying band-aid could help that. Also by showing antithesis with how band-aids cover up cuts, and they "beat" sharp objects.

The mode Logos is the mode that is supposed to entice the audience by being matter-of-fact. Either with their imagery, or with their words on the package. For example, if you are a buyer in the store who wants something quick, and wants to know what is in what you're buying, you will probably be more attracted to things that are more simple in imagery and type. It could also be instructional. I remember one of examples for band-aids was having the box being a "pull-tab" and having instructions to show how to get the box open that way, but we were concerned it was too logos rather than pathos.

Note: Logos, was probably my hardest mode to get right, I suppose I just didn't grasp the concept as well as I did the other two. Now, though, looking around at different packaging it's coming a lot easier, and I'm more aware of it now.

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