Monday, October 25, 2010

NA: Content Outline

Seeing that "ditto" is a online based company, and community I thought that yes, the internet is now very well known, but every website is different in how they approach buying and selling product. Thinking through some initial ideas of maybe making an interface to have the base of what it may look like, so the user could have an experience. Talking to Tyler about this idea though, he expressed that keeping that idea in mind for the last project, because he wanted this project to be more of a designer-based linear narrative, rather than user-based non-linear narrative.
So, I went with my back-up plan of user experience. Which I'm excited about. I've been looking online at a lot of "how-to" videos, some more expressive than other, and it's interested to see how each are different with how they have their step-by-step process. Some have 10 steps, others have 3.
This brought to my attention of how long I should spend explaining this process. I've pretty much gotten down what my content is:

Step One: Browse
Step Two: Choose
Step Three: Order/Purchase
Step Four: Wait around for approximately 7-10 business days.
Step Five: Receive fabric in the mail!
Step Six: Make something! Be creative.
Step Seven: Take some pictures of what you made
Step Eight: Upload and share on our website what you made!

Now, just so you know, I was intentionally being very nit-picky about the step you take (I could have probably added much more). There is obviously too much detail, and some steps are just obvious and arbitrary. So, fitting everything in the right category so that I could mesh two or three steps into one large step I thought would help the process speed up, and be boring.
This is what I ended up with

Step One: Browse, choose, order/purchase
Step Two: Wait for approximately 7-10 business days, and receive in the mail!
Step Three: Make something!
Step Four: Upload and share online

I figured I could possibly make into three steps by combining step three and four, but thought each deserved their own.
Now moving on to the actual content about what each will say and express is a different step.

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