Friday, February 12, 2010

Type crit.

Going off of the earlier critique today that the seniors sat in on, was helpful, but also confusing. There was a lot of good suggestions made, and I'm definitely going to keep on iterating on those suggestions until I find something I'm confident in. Some of the comments made were of course about how my white type is so loud, and it being the main focus, straying away from the important number. Which I was definitely concerned with, so I agree with them there. Also, it being white doesn't help, so turning it a light beige, or some even possibly black, with the right positioning would be a good idea. Another comment made was integrating more various types of paw prints. Signifying between a cat and dog, would show more depth and be a stronger communication tool. I'm not sure about integrating different kinds of animals though. Such as, birds, hamsters, or bunnies. I feel they would get lost within the main idea of the most animals being euthanized are cats and dogs. BUT, I want to try it. It MAY look really good.

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