Monday, February 1, 2010

Text, Image, Message

Thinking about how image works with type is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. Yes, this cleared some ideas up about how to use type with an image, and how it could be successful, but it also was hard to actually imagine it working within the one idea you would pursue. Yes, Iterations are key. And, I DEFINITELY need to explore and experiment more and more, taking risks while doing this as well. The one thing I did really take away from this reading were the visual examples that were expressed. I definitely got more of an idea from what each idea meant after looking at each example.

Once I started working with my posters it seemed harder to actually translate what I had learned from this article. This being the first poster I have EVER done in my life I think is getting to me too much, and I should just relax and not be constrained to just using my little electric box in front of me. Here are some examples that I'm tweaking and working on as we go through this project.

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