Friday, February 26, 2010

Problematic Picnic

Working through this process of developing our story with icons has been challenging. It started out as free hand drawings of our researched items that go along with our story. Following was the process of rendering our hand drawing into something more similar to an icon feel. This, however I was behind on. I wasn't getting it. Or, maybe I did get it, and just didn't want my icons to feel computer generated. I really like retro illustrations, and finding out later that Charley Harper was a large inspiration of mine, was interesting. I have an earlier post with some of his illustrations, and I didn't even know they were his. After tackling this problem, I headed into a better situation with heading in my geometric direction.

This, I was happy about, even though I did really enjoy my background element ones.
I thought of these as being a fun element added. And since my story is about a picnic gone bad, I felt that this detail may have been necessary, especially referencing old comic books. All in all thought the Geometric icons were more developed, and I enjoyed the look as well. It definitely reminded me of old illustrations, but was different enough to be my own idea. 

Some things I could improve on, is probably still cohesion. I took the element of three and RAN with it. This was something help the cohesion of my icons, but the shapes are still very different. Using the solid forms was a nice element to use, so the weight of the icons looked similar, but some protrude out different directions, and some are really solid. A good example of this is my storm icon. The rain is not consistent with the rest of the group, and I feel some people even question what the raindrops are. 

I'm not sure how I feel about going into crit tomorrow. I'm confident in my set, but after looking at my icons for this long, you just don't notice small detail, or BIG detail. It can go either way. I'm excited to move on with this project though, I know that pattern is going to be apart of this extended semester project, and I'm really looking forward to dealing with that. Here is my final set one more time!

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