Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here's some more inspiration for my icons set for the problematic picnic. I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed with this idea of drawing and making these complex forms so simple, because i tend to go to far with how simplistic, or it's just too sketchy. I'll be doing a lot of drawing within the next couple days to try and get my aesthetic down with a lot of other idea's. Working with negative space, and organic forms is really intriguing to me too. Iteration, Iterations, Iterationssss.
The color is nice within this one because of the way it's offset, that's something obviously that we're not doing right now, but it's good to keep in mind. I also like how each form is rough, but refined.

The repeating patterns within the icons is interested. I'm not sure that I could incorporate a repeating element within all of my objects because of the versatility of them.

The general shape of these birds are nice, way too abstract, but I really like the layering technique.

Again, the way each of these patterns use the idea of curves, and geometrical shapes at the same time.

Again, shape. Simple, but complex.

The beetle form in this one is what caught my eye, due to one of my objects being ants.

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