Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change one thing, change.

Iterating for this poster has been an adventure, I feel I've gone through 5 different main ideas to finally get to the one I think I'm going to use. It definitely shows me that iterations are key and may or may not lead you in a good direction, it's all at chance really. But, the more you develop an idea the faster it will come across to other people in society. I did a lot of different type iterations for this idea, but what was said in class is true, there is no real sense to the hierarchy of type.
So I headed in my final direction:

I'm still not completely confident in this idea, I feel that the first thing I look at is the white type; but black wouldn't  be legible, and gray just doesn't look good. I wonder if reading this poster backwards may be okay. It may intrigue the viewer to understand the numbering better by noticing the white type first. Then again, I could be full of it.

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