Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seven deadly sins

As you can tell from my title of this post I am wanting to pursue the seven deadly sins, instead of the virtues. Not quite sure why I picked sins over virtues...just more compelled to mess around with the sins, I guess. I have a few different ideas about how I'd like to approach my project. I definitely want to have a consistent object/person within my photos to make it cohesive. So, the ideas I have are:
-Using my two roommates as models within each photograph, one being the sin and one being the virtue, or the opposite of the sin.
-Using myself as a model (this kind of makes me nervous, but interested due to me never being in front of the camera in my own project) and portraying the sins as a 50s housewife would see them. (I was inspired by the cheesy images you see now on magnets and little knick knacks)
I don't know about incorporating text within this idea, I thought it'd be interesting, but kind of too much like that one idea.
- I also was interested in using music lyrics within my images to portray different sins. I would use an object/person in theses images as well, but I'd try and add the text in different parts of the composition.

As of right now, I really like the idea of 2, but number 1 is also in the back of my mind. We'll see!

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