Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poster Clash submission

The change one thing poster  has come to an end, and no offense, but I'm grateful. This being my first poster it was an interesting process to go through. I started with SO many different ideas about different topics, then narrowing down to one idea, then developing different ideas for that one idea. I changed my poster multiple times (majorly). BUT I'm really glad I ended up with what I did. I remember one night I just thought I'd try this one composition out because I was sick of my "dog face" icons, and it worked much better. I think since this "first" poster idea is out of my head, and it has been done I'm really excited to move on and to try more and more. All in all, after a few tweaks that were made on Friday, I'm really happy with my end product. It was fun to add a gradient due to me not being experienced with them, and the type was fun to play with as well. I hope the message comes across powerful and clear. Here's the final product:

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! (excited =D!!)

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