Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Contructed Image

While researching Bruce Lee and trying to find certain characteristics I'd like to show about him, without showing him as a person is coming along. Symbols are the one thing that I'm having a little bit of trouble on. Yes, I have obvious ideas, but trying to find something deeper is difficult because there isn't a whole lot of personal information out there about him. Yes, I can find quotes and try and read into them some more, but having a symbol and being able to identify that its Bruce Lee without an iconic image seems difficult to portray, which is obviously the point.

Here's a list of Index's and Symbol's that I'm thinking about using:

Ying Yang
Japanese characters
Different forms of water
Some sort of repetition idea, because he believed highly in doing one thing a thousand times.
And that's all I have for now...still thinking.

The color yellow to relate to his iconic jumpsuit that he would wear.
Broken things
Martial arts moves
Pain Killers due to his death of an allergic reaction to them
The silhouette form of his kick, (but i feel that could also be a symbol).
Japanese traditional houses, such as "paper thin" walls, and wood work.

Some ideas I'm tossing around right now are the portrayal of Bruce Lee as a comic. I'd take photos and them outline them with black marker on different colors of construction paper and then collage them together. Or also vectoring them on the computer then putting them together.

Another idea is more of 2D mixed with a little 3D. I have taken some photos of a friend with nun chucks and of them "punching" the air to show the action. I wanted to have it coming right out at the the idea of showing depth perception with construction paper would be interesting as well.

Kung Fu posters are pretty iconic and they look like a blast to construct so I'll be taking some inspiration from them as well.


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