Monday, February 15, 2010

Finalizing change one thing

Working on finalizing the change one thing poster. I did most of the recommendations that were giving from the seniors. I made different types of paw prints, between a cat and dog, with scale size and placement. I decided not to add in other animals, just due to the most kinds of pets are cats and dogs that are being euthanized within shelters. I changed around the type by adding in some black words instead of using all white words within my phrase. I think that part of pretty successful.

All in all, I ended up going back to my original simple geometric paw print made of circles and ovals. It was the most direct and it was way less complicated. Here are some screen shots.

This was the one with all different types of paw prints, ultimately the numbers get distorted, and it look really sloppy, plus the density is a lot more difficult to render when there are so many different sizes within an are. 

This is probably going to be my final one. I still think I like the type bigger, does definitely detract the viewer of the important number at the top.  Working the most important word/s as white worked well, because the viewer can associate all the bold information together.

I just liked the arrangement of this text. It doesn't communicate well enough though. 

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